About Us

Our mission at TravelReadyKid is to offer family guided tours of Houston where families will have the opportunity to have fun and create memories. For parents, we take the hassle out of planning Houston activities and give you a chance to actually sit back and see your kids learning and having fun. 

To find the best Houston activities for families, we scout various locations in Houston with kids, speak with many parents to find the best activities, read many travel books and speak with our industry partners. You and the family will truly enjoy our family tours of Houston. We offer our tour events to the public, so check out our upcoming events calendar. We also offer private VIP Houston family tours.

From our owner, "As a parent, time is precious with your kids, so when traveling I want to make it the best for everyone. I don't want to remember the long lines, the bad meals, the poor activities and getting lost. I started TravelReadyKid because I truly enjoy traveling with my family and researching the best activities. Through TravelReadyKid, I can offer my skills to other busy parents to help them create wonderful family memories."